Keep The Faith MCR – A campaign for cultural cohesion in post-Brexit Britain

2016 has been a worrying year for race relations at a local, national, and international level. Here in Britain, the vote to leave the EU has ruffled the feathers of prejudice, aggravating racially-charged incidents of verbal and physical abuse, and providing a façade for xenophobic normalisation.

An initiative run by The Northern Quota, Keep The Faith believe it is essential to change the discourse surrounding race-related issues to prevent cultural segregation and stop the rise in hate crime.

Throughout the campaign we will be exploring the status of race relations; looking at how and why relationships between different cultural groups have been affected both since Brexit.

In order to restore the UK’s reputation as a progressive, tolerant society, it is imperative to scrutinise the systems through which racism is channelled, be that online, in the media, or on the street. Perpetrators of hate crime should always be held accountable, but where there is hate there also an opportunity for solidarity. The ambition of this campaign is to alter the negative discourse surrounding race and religion by promoting examples of progressive steps away from division.

Manchester is a city alive with multiculturalism. Not only will Keep The Faith highlight national messages of progressive change, but through our campaign we aim uphold Manchester as a part of the country that has the potential to initiate it.

Over the last few months we have spoken to people living and working within Manchester, hearing their views on post-Brexit Britain, and discussing what can be done to enhance race relations.

If you too want to see racism and hate speech muted in our society, please support our campaign and spread the message. #keepthefaithmcr




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